5 Simple Hacks to Effective Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

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Are you a beginner in affiliate marketing? Then you must have found out that those affiliate marketing videos do not work, in this article we would take you through 5 simple hacks that i used to change my career as an affiliate in Nigeria and when you are done with this article you would understand effective affiliate marketing.

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Who is an Affiliate marketer?

Affiliate marketing is a commission based oriented business. And an affiliate marketer is one that earns commission for promoting a company’s or individual’s goods or services.

Affiliate Marketing

Highest paying Affiliate programs in Nigeria


Jumia is undoubtedly the biggest Ecommerce company in Africa covering more than 40 countries, they have one of the best affiliate programs with commissions from 2% up to 13%. All you need to do is to sign up for their affiliate program and start advertising their products.

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Amazon is the biggest Ecommerce marketplace in the world, although it has a very low demand rate in Nigeria it has a better customer service and higher commission rate than the Jumia affiliate program

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We also have other good affiliate programs like Host Gator, Mythemeshop for web developers, Travelstart and Peerfly for travel bloggers.

5 Simple Hacks to Effective Affiliate Marketing

my first commission with jumia program

The real truth about affiliate marketing in Nigeria is that many people do not make a lot out of it because less than 20% of the population actually buys things online because of the fear of scammers, fraudulent activities, poor delivery and customer service. Now that you understand what affiliate marketing is in Nigeria, you also have to understand that although it looks easy, it takes a lot of time and hard work to start Making a full-time income from affiliate marketing.

For you to go into Effective affiliate marketing you need to consider it as a full time job, and also exercise patience and hard work, Effective affiliate marketing also requires a high level of trust between you and the customers.

In this section i would be taking your through my story of the 5 simple hacks i used to generate more than 1,000 customers within 5 months.

1. Order for yourself family members and Friends of Friends

This Strategy works best for Beginners, when I started affiliate marketing for Jumia, the first product that was bought using my link was ordered by me, I saw this beautiful Bluetooth speaker online and I bought it through my link. Although it was bought by me I still had a commission for it.

Because of the cheap rate at which the product was sold (black Friday) my parents wanted some electrical products, a TV set, Rechargeable Fan, gas cooker which I ordered for them and got a commission.

The breakthrough was the rechargeable fan which was sold at an extraordinarily cheap price of #5,900 which my mum took to her Office. She started telling people how cheap the product was and I ended up placing orders for more than 50 rechargeable fans in less than 3 weeks.

2. Whatsapp Marketing

    I noticed something very unique which was the type of people I was selling to had the some certain similarities like;

  1. Women older than 30 years
  2. Women involved in a full-time Job
  3. Men involved in a full time Job and older than 35 years

    On analyzing this data, I was trying to figure out a strategy to advertise products to customers meeting the specification above. So, I took my mums phone, searched through all her contacts and groups she was in, collected all the numbers and sent them introductory messages to about 500 whatsapp contacts, with some current top selling family items on WhatsApp please note that this messages are very crucial and they would determine the customer response. I always drop Messages like this on my WhatsApp group so please don’t hesitate to join, Its Free.

3. Building a custom List and stabilizing your customer database.

Now I started opening Jumia accounts for friends and family friends about (100 customers) and I had to build a customer data base to store all this information. Which I did using Microsoft Excel, then I started reaching out to my customers, asking them about the product durability. I created this sense of trust between the customers and myself.

4. Expanding your customer database.

Now I learnt about this awesome Facebook’s technology about creating an audience with the similarities of a custom list. So, I used that custom list I had on excel to find customers in Port Harcourt with those specific characteristics. And I created several ads, although they didn’t work at first but eventually they did! And affiliate marketing became easier and more effective. Now I had a group of people that I could market a product to and get orders.

5. Sales Promotions:

To maintain and increase the number of customers I had, there were some sacrifices I had to make, like selling products at a cheaper price than Jumia sells, by adding my own money. Doing recharge card give always when someone orders for a product through me, although it did not mean anything to them but the appreciation token made it impossible for them to buy a product without contacting me.

This is my Success effective affiliate marketing story of moving from just myself to 2,000 customers in within 5 months, the only downside I had was that most of my customers were not able to order for these products, so I had to manage their accounts and order for it myself. As for the sales promotions, I made a whole lot more than I invested.

Please comment below if you have any secret hacks or questions.

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