How to make money online as a beginner in Nigeria

make money online

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Are you looking for the best ways to make money online as a beginner? or how to make money online as a student? Or apps that can make you money online.? This article is for you. Grab a cup of coffee, put your device on silent mode and make sure you avoid all possible distractions.

make money online in Nigeria

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Make Money Online in Nigeria

Making money online in Nigeria is very hard, considering the fact that we are in the 2nd tier world and we have limited resources. If you want to make consistent money online, then you have to work very hard and also devote a lot of your time to your business. If you are willing to do this I would give you the 9 secret steps to make money and within few months you could be driving that dream car of yours.

Quick steps to make money online in no time!!

Step 1: Get a skill

There are thousands of opportunities in Nigeria and if you want to explore this opportunity and make money online, then you need to get a skill, here at Ventacademy we teach students various skills to help them thrive in their entrepreneurship careers. Let us look at some of them.

make money online as a beginner

Cinematography/Video Editing:

Nollywood is the 2nd largest movie producer in the world, producing over 5 million movies every year, and guess what more than 80 percent of this movies production are outdated! They are either produced with poor background sounds or edited very poorly and this accounts for why they don’t sell very well in the markets. Cinematography and video editing are very high skills that I why they are scarce and they are very few entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Luckily this course would be live on ventacademy by June 1st at 80% discount, click here to register.

make money online in Nigeria

App Development:

Hold on! Just before skipping this with the thought that you don’t know how to code, you can actually build apps with zero coding skills in just 15 minutes! This is actually very new and an awesome opportunity to explore considering the facts that most companies do not have apps and are willing to pay over a 100 thousand Naira to get this apps. With this amazing skill you can also build any app you want, monetize it and begin to make money online monthly.

If you wish to learn this skill then click here now!

Make money online

Website Development:

This was the skill I learnt when I kickstarted my entrepreneurship career, and there is a secret about it, learning website development is actually very easy now compared to back in the days. With management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Wix, etc. you can be a website developer in no time Here is a course on website development using WordPress, there are other opportunities in web development like theme development and plugins development.

The secret about website design is not just about learning it but about, marketing yourself as a website developer. I would give you this secret in the step 6 of this article.

To learn about other Skills , see our courses page.

Step 2: Find a mentor

Finding a mentor that is a professional in your skill is very important as it could help you learn, and also avoid the mistakes that you could make. Find a mentor, watch some of their videos, and interact with them.

I would be dropping the link to some of my mentors below.

Step 3: Build your business plan

Take your time and run a feasibility study on your business using the SWOT analysis and my PPP analysis. If you don’t know how to do this then you should take our FREE course on Introduction to Entrepreneurship. You should understand how your business works and set goals for yourself. Don’t forget to work according to your strategy and celebrate your previous achievements.

Step 4: Do some FREE jobs

Every business requires sacrifice! and your family and friends are always the right people to start with.

You need to reach out to them, tell them about your online skills and possibly do some free work for them if they need your services.

Step 5: Register on Freelance Sites

When companies, organizations and individuals need online services they go to these freelance sites to hire people to do certain tasks for them although there are very few, but they are still developing and you just might get your few clients there. Do not just register with an empty profile, show some pictures of your work, write about the bonus offers you have and since there are more professionals than you registered there, reduce your charge fee. You can also refer you friend to comment and give you a nice review on those sites.

STEP 6: Market yourself, Find Clients

You could be surprised that you are not making sales after completing step 1 to 5, well that is because you are in a tough country. Here is the secret to make money online. Most businesses in Nigeria do not know that they need online services, and even if they do they feel it is quite expensive and they cannot afford it. That is why they do not go about freelance sites finding people that could do these things for them. If you want to get clients you need to reach out to these businesses. Here is a quick way to reach out

  • Write a list of the businesses that could need your service
  • Go to google maps, and search for them, example (schools in Port Harcourt)
  • Write down their phone numbers and addresses,
  • Reach out to them via WhatsApp with an introduction message and also some pictures of what your previous work.
  • Call them, introduce yourself and follow up with them.
  • Send proposal letters to their addresses, telling them about the problems they are facing without the services you offer, example did you know that you are losing hundreds of students yearly without a website?

I would be dropping Pitch notes like this on this blog so please do subscribe to get notifications when I upload new articles.

Step 7: Position yourself

Take a few seconds to watch this video about positioning yourself

Marketing yourself can be quite hard considering the fact that you have to follow up with thousands of clients daily. On the other hand, positioning is quite easy. Imagine when anyone that calls you is actually interested in the services you offer, rather than having 10% of your leads interested in your service.

How to Position yourself in Nigeria?

Make flyers, create ads on Facebook,, YouTube, Instagram, twitter and even place adverts on TV and radio stations. Write a book, Teach people about your services. And you just might be getting a client every day. It isn’t easy and it requires financial investments. But take on these risks and you might just be rich in no time.

Step 8: Build Your Brand

Every good business has a good brand and a good brand is Search engine optimized. You might just be surprised how many people search for your name or the services you offer on google or other social medias. You could start by building a website for your business, applying for google business, opening a Facebook page, LinkedIn page, Twitter profile and also an Instagram profile for your business. Also write about the services you offer, gain followers, do giveaways and bombard your timeline with activities related to the services you offer.

Step: Focus on your customers

CUSTOMERS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT IN BUSINESS AND IF YOU DON’T LISTEN TO THEIR REVIEWS OR GET FEEDBACKS FROM THEM YOUR BUSINESS WOULD FAIL! I highlighted this out because I feel it is very important. Statistically 90 percent of failed businesses failed, because they didn’t take their customers seriously,

Imagine the big companies like MTN, Access bank, Amazon, without customer services? Yes, they would have failed since. In order for your business to thrive you need to build a customer database where you could estimate how many customers you have, reach out to them occasionally, get their feedbacks and reviews about your services. We have a course here about customer relationship management where we would teach you about how to relate easily with customers.

With these 9 steps if you adhere strongly to them you would never worry about an empty bank account again!!

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