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How to Make money as a Graphic designer in Nigeria?

Graphic design is a high-income skill that can generate you lots of money, but as you already know the opportunities you could have as a graphic designer abroad differs from what you have right now in Africa, this has threatened the careers of most graphic designers in Nigeria, and many people are actually questioning the fact that it is a good course to venture into.

In this article we would show you all the opportunities you could leverage, and make money, as a graphic designer in Nigeria.

Who is a graphic designer?

According to Wikipedia, a graphic designer is a professional within the graphic design and graphic arts industry who assembles together images, typography, or motion graphics to create a piece of design.

Therefore, as a Professional graphic designer you should be able to offer the following services:

How much does a graphic designer earn on average monthly in Nigeria?

Graphic designers on average in Nigeria could earn from #0.00 to #10.000,000 monthly or even more, depending mostly but not totally on how much time and effort, but also on your strategy and plan.

Statistically about 45% of Graphic designers in Nigeria Earn below #50,000 per month, and 20% of that population do not make anything at all!

Here is the good news, you do not need to be employed by organizations, or have thousands of followers to earn above the 45% of graphic designers. In the next Paragraph you would find out some secret ways to make money as a graphic designer in Nigeria.

Top 5 Secret ways to make money as a Graphic designer in Nigeria


Freelancing is not a new way of making money as a graphic designer, but it is one of the best ways to make money, Because of the spike of entrepreneurs and businesses in Nigeria, there is a high demand of graphic design services. To start up as a freelancer you need to create awareness locally and via the internet. You could start by creating a personal brand, doing some free work for your friends and have them refer you to their friends. open business accounts on Facebook, google, etc. and post your banner with a promotion (A free logo) on your notice boards, Register on local and international freelance websites. Advertise yourself on radio stations etc.


I have a secret method I used which worked for me, and I was able to earn more than #50,000 monthly. The truth about graphic design in Nigeria is that most companies, and organizations have very poor branding, but are not looking for a graphic designer’s services, so if you want to make money you would need to advertise to these people directly.

Here is a FREE but tough way to do it, simply create a database of potential customers on your pc or phone, pick an industry type like churches, schools, real estate services, etc.

Go to google maps and search for the industry close to your location, for example Churches in Port Harcourt.


See an Example here

Write down the contact details of the organization and add it to your database, send a Whatsapp message introducing yourself and the services you offer, build a logo better than their current one and send it to them, if you don’t get a feedback after a few days, you can call or send an official letter to their address.

Getting this customers details from google maps or LinkedIn could actually be very stressful, I found an easy way to get these details and directly copy them to my database via a software called marketer magic. It is not expensive and is actually better than using google business or LinkedIn.

You can sign up for marketer magic here, but before you do watch this short video!

Making Money Online

There are Opportunities online you could actually explore with your skills as a graphic designer.

One of them is building designs like logos, flyers, Business cards, etc. and selling them online. Here are some of the best you could sell on. DesignhillGraphiccriverEtsy.

You can also make a lot of money online as a graphic designer by selling customized t-shirts online. All you just need to do is to open a t-shirt store and start creating a custom t-shirt design online. If you get enough pre-orders the company would print and deliver the t-shirts for you with you getting about 30%.

Here are some T-shirt companies site links that pay. SpreadshopTeespringSellmyteesThreadless.

Creating Ads Online

Creating ads online like Facebook ads, Twitter ads, etc. can help you to reach out to a wide audience, especially if you can create a good ad and a proper targeting, coupled with some good designs show off!

Here is a detailed video on how to create a Facebook ad.


Being a successful graphic designer in Nigeria is actually very easy, but it involves a lot of hard work, consistent learning, focus and a good business plan.

Here is my advice, if you are just starting out, find a professional and work with him for FREE, learn how he thrived and follow that part, make a proper plan and stick to it, join groups, meet people like you and better than you, keep learning and working hard.

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