Business Opportunities in Agriculture

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If you are planning to work in an Agricultural firm as an average employee you might just change your mind when you find out the business opportunities in Agriculture

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Business Opportunities in Agriculture

What really is Agriculture?

Agriculture is the science and art of cultivating plants and livestock. Agriculture was the key to development in Nigeria, where farming created surplus food and other raw materials for feeding and also for exports to other countries.

Source Wikipedia

Agriculture is a very vast field with almost infinite business opportunities ranging from the production, processing, distribution, marketing and even the storage and preservation of crops and livestock.


5 Major Facts About Agriculture in Nigeria you never Knew

When I was little I thought that agriculture was meant for poor people but today I have a different perspective of it, and you are just about to know why.

  1. Nigeria is the 2nd largest producer of tomatoes in Africa and the 13th largest producer in the world producing about 12 million tonnes annually, but about 30% of the tomato paste used in Nigeria is imported.
  2. More than half of the entire Nigerian population of workers are actually into farming.
  3. Nigeria is the Has 84 million hectares of land along with two of African largest rivers
  4. Nigeria consumes about 6 million tonnes of chicken per year and we only produce 1.5 million tonnes
  5. Nigeria is the largest producer of shea nut and its shea qualifies as one of the best in the world

All these facts are just to prove to you that is there is a country designed for agriculture then it is Nigeria. With each region almost perfectly habitable to some crops producing large amounts year after year. But the major problem that we have is processing.

Business Opportunities in Agriculture

Businesses in Agriculture can be very profitable with an unquenchable demand for food and other essentials, one could profit up to 100%. In this section we would be sharing the top trending business ideas in Agriculture with proof.

Opportunities in Agriculture

Cassava Farming, Processing and Distribution

Cassava has become very popular in Nigeria and other parts of the world as it is being used to make a variety of products including the Garri, Biscuits, Bread and also chemical agents.

It is very easy to produce and can create a very huge profit if cultivated with good farm management.


Livestock Farming

Let’s put this as simply the raising of animals for sale. Livestock includes pigs, goats, sheep, horses, mules, asses, buffalo, camels and birds. It is a very lucrative business and has many options available. Some of the most profitable with low capital for startup are;

Fish farming, Pig Farming, Poultry Farming, Rabbit Farming etc.

Some other Trending Business Opportunities in Nigeria are;

  • Mushroom Farming
  • Yam flour Production
  • Agro-Export Agent
  • Milk processing and preservation
  • Farm Machinery
  • Transportation Business for Farmers
  • Honey Business
  • Grocery Service
  • Herbs, Flowers Framing and Gardening
  • Buy Charcoal from the rural areas and resell in the cities
  • Coconut Juice Production
  • load Agro- Exportable Product From The Hinterland and Villages to Towns

Where to Learn

Are you Interested in a business niche and searching for where to learn the skills you require to start your business? Then Ventacademy is the place for you.

We are bringing E-learning to your phone where you could learn about almost anything in Agriculture online, as well as watch live tutorial videos.

Our live courses in Agriculture would commence from July 2020, we are partnering with the best Agricultural Experts to enhance learning and yield good results.

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