3d Animations with your smartphone.

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Are you a lover of Animations? and you do not have a Personal Computer? In this course we would be teaching you how to earn a full time 6 figures income from creating 3d animations with your smartphone.

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3d Animation

This course is basically built for beginners with no knowledge of animation production, so keep your smartphones by your side as you learn how to change your future and live that dream.


The course is aimed at equipping students with the basic and practical knowledge of Animation videos creation with a Smartphone. The course is presented in video formats for easier understanding since 3D Animation creation is practical.

Course outline

● Introduction of the instructor
● What’s 3D animation
● 7 reasons you should learn 3D animation
● How to create 3D animation with videos with plotagon
● How to create text animation video with Legend and inshot app
● Conclusion
● Examination

Course Benefits

At the end of the course participants are expected to know how to create text animation Videos
and 3D Animation Videos. Participants would also be able to work in Animation movie making
industries, Digital marketing agencies, self employed e.t.c

About the instructor

Godswill Timothy is a Google digital skills trainer with Konverge Media, A content creator/marketer, The orphan empowerment society international skills acquisition and entrepreneurship director,social action volunteer and the CEO of Obego media.
He has bagged various Certificate from institutes like Google, skillshop, product school, Cxl Institute and lots more.
He has keen interest in development of content and graphics using tools like canva, plotagon, legend,inshot and lot more. He believes that you don’t need an exotic laptop to get Skilled but strongly utilize his smartphone to get Skilled and also earn online. He believes strongly in the next generation of young Africa and invest most of his time in impacting in youths to help raise young leaders in Africa.

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